Welcome to the University of Kentucky's virtual request system!

To Schedule an Event:
You must have an EMS account before requesting space or submitting event proposals online. Once you have an EMS account, select My Account, Login then select an request type below.

Select a Location:

****We are excited to announce that the current Student Center will undergo a major renovation and expansion starting in May 2015.  As part of this process, the Student Center will go offline at the close of the spring semester. Please contact the Event Management Office to assist and click here for a list of alternate locations.****

Learn more about the Student Center Renovation & Expansion here!







To Create an EMS Account:
First time users must first request an EMS account with a valid UKY email address. You must be a representative of a UK Department or an approved officer in OrgSync of a registered student organization to request an online account. Accounts are pending until reviewed by the Event Management Office. Users requesting an account will receive an email once your user account is activated or declined.  Account requests can take up to 48 hours
For Questions:
Contact the Event Management Office. For Campus Recreation questions, contact their main office (859) 257-3928.

Important Reminders!

  • It is important to understand you are submitting a REQUESTReservation of space and event approvals are not guaranteed for every request.
  • Do not publish or print the location until you have received a confirmation of space reservation from the Event Management Office.
  • The system is set-up to accept reservation requests that are at least 48 hours in advance.  Requests made fewer than 48 hours in advance will result in the following error:  First Available Booking Date Violation. If you need to make a reservation fewer than 48 hours in advance, please contact the Event Management Office.